LAST CALL is here

Black 47 Last Call CD cover LAST CALL is Black 47’s final album. It is available on all digital platforms. (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) You can also buy the CD or download the 13 tracks HERE.
You can find the lyrics, chord charts, a summary of the songs, pictures of the players and guests, and much more at the reelbook.

★★★★ On "Last Call," Black 47 serves a 200 proof cocktail made with a shot of funk and two fingers of Irish malarkey thrown in for good measure. Larry Kirwan saves the best for last, using roots, rock, and reggae to bring the final curtain down on the most influential Irish American band in history.”
— Mike Farragher/Irish Voice

Hear Salsa O'Keefe from 'Last Call'

Hear US Of A 2014 from 'Last Call'

Larry Kirwan's Celtic Invasion

Larry Kirwan's Celtic Invasion In thousands of gigs with Black 47 and eight years of hosting Celtic Crush I've kept an ear out for great talent and top shelf songs. I wanted to create an album that would open a gateway into the world of Celtic Rock. Here it is! CELTIC INVASION contains songs by The Waterboys, Peatbog Faeries, Runrig, Black 47, Hothouse Flowers, Pat McGuire, Barleyjuice, John Spillane, Shilelagh Law, Celtic Cross, Blaggards, and Garrahan's Ghost. Turn up the volume, open your ears, you have a treat in store. Get your copy now!

The new Black 47 app for Android. Take the band wherever you go

Black 47 - Android Apps on Google Play It's music, gig alerts, videos and more. Get it now for your Android device. It's a free download and it's programmed with love by our own Fred Parcells.

Bankers and Gangsters released in 2010

Bankers & Gangsters Bankers and Gangsters is vintage Black 47 - uproarious, tuneful, challenging, current and above all, entertaining.

"Bankers and Gangsters is a timely echo of the populist anger being felt around the country towards big bailouts for everyone but the everyman" Staten Island Advance

"With the excellent Bankers and Gangsters, Black 47 remind us that substance and a sense of fun are by no means mutually exclusive" All Music Guide

"Cinematic storytelling and an ability to shift nimbly between heavy and light subject matter. There are New York street tales, stories of Irish historical figures, outlandish adventures, and ballads steeped in sadness and loss and its own brawny and bracing brand of Celtic rock" Philadelphia Inquirer

Rockin' the Bronx: A new novel from Larry Kirwan

Rockin the BronxIn this big, passionate, colourful novel set in 1980-82, the Bronx is burning, Bobby Sands is dying, John Lennon is being stalked, the Reagan Revolution has begun and AIDS is about to be identified. But life goes on in the immigrant bars of Bainbridge Avenue as Sean arrives from Ireland looking for his girlfriend, Mary, and finds a lot more than he bargained for.

"This is a Bronx tale full of raucous life and unvarnished reality. It captures a time when the Bronx had become a synonym for urban decay and conflict, and a new generation of Irish immigrants struggled to get a toehold on America.
There are no ethnic niceties in these pages, no phony-baloney version of multicultural harmony. This is the urban American of the 80s in all its raw squalor and splendor. Every page sparkles with memorable characters and lyrical accuracy." - Peter Quinn (Banished Children of Eve)